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Many people lead such busy lives these days, or have other priorities, that they find it hard to organise, plan and shop for their clothes. The 21st century minefield of dress codes also presents challenges to many people who feel they need advice on just what is appropriate for each environment and occasion. I can help you plan a wardrobe that will work for you and your lifestyle and can help you assess and sort your current wardrobe in order to determine what to keep, what to dispose of and how to fill the gaps.

I have recently teamed up with 3 therapist friends and together we are The Energy Lifestyle Team.

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We are really excited to let you know that together we have created an easy to follow online programme:
7 Days to Skyrocket your Energy!
This is for those of you who are busy, yet would like to take the time to do something to get their energy back but just don't have the time or the energy to fit it in!
 In just a few minutes a day this programme 7 Days to Skyrocket your Energy! can help you claim back that deep restful sleep, ease up the stress and build up the mental alertness you need for work, give you emotional resilience when everyone demands your attention in the evenings, as well as the physical stamina you deserve so that you can keep up with feeling alive!

Take a look now!


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