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Style Personality

When conducting both your colour & style analysis I also take into consideration your wardrobe personality. Someone who likes bold and dramatic clothes will pick a different style of clothes and wear them differently to someone who likes a more casual style. A classic dresser will dress differently to those with a romantic or gamine wardrobe personality. Even in a business environment you will feel more comfortable and more confident when wearing formal outfits if you acknowledge your dress style in your choice of tops and accessories.


Here your body structure is analysed to determine the most flattering clothing shapes for your particular body shape and proportions. Harmony is achieved when your clothes follow your own bodyline, enhancing your best points and disguising those you are not so happy with. With the right clothing you can appear to lose a dress size and look taller (or shorter). You will learn how to choose the most flattering hairstyles, spectacles, accessories, necklines and clothing designs.

Chhose either:

Individual Style consultation

Group workshop (4-12 people)

Feedback from Chris who had a Colour & Style Analysis


Thank-you for all this extra information and clarification and thank-you so much for last Wednesday. My interest in clothes and make-up has already been rejuvenated; in fact I can’t stop talking about it and telling all my friends! I have started going through my wardrobe and took a pile of no-longer-suitable clothes away this weekend to offer my extended family. I’m now looking forward to a bit of shopping!

I have recently teamed up with 3 therapist friends and together we are The Energy Lifestyle Team.

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