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Ladies, do you need a reason to have a fun get together? Do you want to try something different? Is it time for a make-over?

Then book a Colour or Style party where you'll discover the colours that make you look younger and healthier, the styles that suit your personality and the right colours for every event so you'll always look good and be confident you're presenting yourself at your best.

Colour Party

We'll talk about the message that colour sends out, your own unique wardrobe personality as well as analysing your colours.

You'll also take away a swatch of your new colours to help when you go shopping - no more expensive mistakes - just clothes in colours and styles you will want to wear all the time!

Party - Groups of 2 - 4, friends, family, mother & daughter sessions, hen parties, pre-wedding for brides, bridesmaids and mother of bride & groom. 

Gift vouchers available 


Men - no need to feel left out, image consulting for men helps you present yourself at your best & wear the appropriate colours for the right occasion.
Or - treat the special lady in your life with a gift voucher for a 1 to 1 consultation

Style Party

Gather a few friends together and learn the art of creating illusions to make you look slimmer, taller and more youthful. We take a fun look at how you can dress better, smarter and save money in the future. Topics covered include finding out your wardrobe personality, body shape, scale and proportions.

Bring along a few items that work for you and a few that don't, find out why and how with a few "stylist" tweaks they will become items you'll love to wear. 

Party - groups of 4 - 12, friends, family, hen parties, pre-wedding for brides, bridesmaids & mothers of bride & groom.

Gift vouchers available

At the Beverley Fashion Week finale event at the racecourse, guests enjoyed participating in a quiz to find out their style personalities. Sam is a definite Dramatic with a hint of Classic whereas Nicki's style is full on Romantic.

Feedback from Style Parties


It was fascinating to see how just the adjustment of a hemline or altering the shape of a garment can make such an impact. I had no idea that the ratio between different parts of my body made a difference to my personality. I spent the next day pulling out clothes from my wardrobe, some to ditch and some to alter. Very useful and it will save me a packet!!!



An enjoyable 2 hours was spent with Linda, not long enough, as we learnt about our style and what to wear and how to wear it to enhance our best features and simple but effective ways to accessorise to compliment the finished look. A much needed boost to my confidence and style. Thank you Linda



I have never been to anything like this before and because I think I know my own style and what suits me, I was not sure I would learn very much! How wrong I was - the whole workshop was so informative.


Linda asked us to bring something that suited us and something that we liked but thought did not suit us so well. I enjoyed the whole session but most of all two aspects. one was the questionnaire about personal style. Although it confirmed what I thought, the questions were really interesting and each person there had different answers to the questions - fascinating! I was alarmed when Linda told us she was going to measure our body proportions - that was a completely new idea and something I had never thought of before. How tactful Linda was in taking our measurements/proportions (we were all very different body shapes) and it was amazing to find out how those proportions influence what we should wear. All in all a great session which I would recommend to anyone.

I have recently teamed up with 3 therapist friends and together we are The Energy Lifestyle Team.

See who we are here

We are really excited to let you know that together we have created an easy to follow online programme:
7 Days to Skyrocket your Energy!
This is for those of you who are busy, yet would like to take the time to do something to get their energy back but just don't have the time or the energy to fit it in!
 In just a few minutes a day this programme 7 Days to Skyrocket your Energy! can help you claim back that deep restful sleep, ease up the stress and build up the mental alertness you need for work, give you emotional resilience when everyone demands your attention in the evenings, as well as the physical stamina you deserve so that you can keep up with feeling alive!

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