Colour Analysis

Style Personality

When conducting both your colour & style analysis I also take into consideration your wardrobe personality. Someone who likes bold and dramatic clothes will pick a different style of clothes and wear them differently to someone who likes a more casual style. A classic dresser will dress differently to those with a romantic or gamine wardrobe personality. Even in a business environment you will feel more comfortable and more confident when wearing formal outfits if you acknowledge your dress style in your choice of tops and accessories.

Colour Analysis

Colour surrounds us, in the environment and in what we wear, it affects us physiologically and emotionally. Colour analysis determines the colours that suit us best and shows us the impact that colour has on the way we feel about ourselves and how others see us.

Colour analysis identifies your own individual colour pattern by establishing the colours that work in harmony with and enhance your own skin, hair & eye colouring.

It will help:

  • improve your appearance, your skin looks clearer, hair & eyes look brighter
  • enhance your confidence and self-esteem
  • save time when shopping as you know exactly what will suit you
  • save time every day, as you'll have a co-ordinated wardrobe
  • give you value from your clothes as you will wear everything you buy

A colour analysis will look at the depth, undertone and clarity of colours in combination with your skin, hair and eye colours. A colour can be deep or light, warm or light, bright or muted and there is a combination of all of these characteristics that is perfect for you. Someone whose colour pattern is deep and muted is going to wear very different colours to someone whose pattern is bright and light. The directional method finds which colour direction is more dominant for you and adds in the other characteristics that make it personal to you.

Your colour analysis includes a make-up session in the make up colours for your colour palette and you take away a swatch of colours for your personal colour direction.

Individual colour analysis including swatch wallet for your colour pattern and make-up session    

Groups of 2- 4 colour analysis including swatch wallet for each colour pattern    

Feedback From Valerie from her Wedding Dress Consultation


Kudos to Linda Hoyland – Image Consultant

The Big Day, The Dress….

With anyone’s big day, The Dress becomes the focal point and we all want to look and feel WOW.

 I wanted to make sure that I had the right style and colours that best suited me colouring and personality. I really should know by now. But having spent time with Linda where she tries all these different colours on you and see what brings out the best features. ( I was surprised that a certain colour actually made me look older..that colour is out of my wardrobe)  Part of the consultation Linda actually gets the tape measure out and measures my  proportions so I have a mathematical view of my body rather than an objective view, which I found to be truly enlightening.

Even with the designing of The Dress, I have been checking with Linda, is this a good design, she brings out my measurement chart which she had filed, thank goodness because I forgot mine, and informed me that I was better for another design as my torso was too short to properly set this design off and I would look out of balance. So we saved time going down a design path.

Mum was so impressed with the ideas and whole consultation that now she is going to see Linda to help her get the right most flattering Mother of the Bride dress for her body.

Thank you Linda for your discerning eye  

Valérie Prentice

Hawaiian Kahuna Masseuse

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