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Hi, my name is Linda Hoyland and I have been a kinesiologist for around 20 years now. I started out working as a chemist in research and development for the pharmaceutical industry. When I was pregnant I became quite ill and the only thing offered was drugs which I really didn’t want as an expectant mum. After having my son I went to Yoga classes and through these, went to a talk on Reflexology. As a scientist I was hugely sceptical and felt it didn’t make sense, however part of me was intrigued. So I found it more about it and eventually qualified as a reflexologist whilst pregnant with my daughter.

I love working with clients with reflexology and had good results, but I realised more could be done and so started looking for something else and eventually found the “holy grail” of therapies – kinesiology!

I trained with Terry Larder in Classical Kinesiology which was one of the best courses I have ever done – the other being teacher training, which allowed me to then teach Foundation Kinesiology for Terry! I have since added Brain Gym, some Health Kinesiology, Kinergetics as well as numerous other skills from the courses that Terry offers.


I love working with kinesiology because it is such a multi-faceted approach that the body really has no option but to change it’s old unhealthy ways for new happy ones.

During my time as a kinesiologist it has not only given me my health back, it has allowed me to achieve many things I would never have thought possible – teaching for one!  I am part of the KF Policy Board working on the Professional Standards team for the last 4 years.

I have also added High Touch Acupressure (Jin Shin) and Vortex Healingâ to my therapeutic techniques and am a member of the Association of Reflexologists. I continually update and add to my skills, knowledge and experience as a therapist.


One of my special memories is from when I went to Bosnia with a charity, to work with people there who were still suffering from the after effects of the war. I met some lovely people, the team I went out there with as well as the Bosnian people themselves. I feel that in the short time we were there we touched their lives in a very positive and effective way. If you would like to know more about it: read about my experiences in Bosnia

I have been hugely fortunate to have brought up my children with reflexology and kinesiology and no medication whatsoever.


As a therapist for over 25 years I offer a truly holistic approach, looking at all aspects of a persons health, not only addressing structural, environmental and nutritional needs but also helping the release of emotional stress. I enjoy working with clients and love seeing how much they benefit from the treatments in all sorts of ways. I have seen hundreds and hundreds of clients over the years regain their health and achieve their goals.

I have met so many inspirational people and made many friends within this field.

And most remarkably - I have recently collaborated with 3 therapist friends and we have launched an online programme for people to Skyrocket your energy in just 7 days!!

Kinesiology truly is life changing!

Now that I have trained as an Image Consultant I have extra skills for working with people in a different way -  although the results are similar in that people feel better in themselves! Seeing clients faces lift and look rejuvenated when they are draped in their best colours, demonstrating how make-up in the right palette gives a youthful glow to the face, advising on the most appropriate clothes (both colour & style) for a given situation, seeing the dramatic change in appearance when someone gets it right and the confidence boost they get from a makeover, is really rewarding. 


I have recently teamed up with 3 therapist friends and together we are The Energy Lifestyle Team.

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We are really excited to let you know that together we have created an easy to follow online programme:
7 Days to Skyrocket your Energy!
This is for those of you who are busy, yet would like to take the time to do something to get their energy back but just don't have the time or the energy to fit it in!
 In just a few minutes a day this programme 7 Days to Skyrocket your Energy! can help you claim back that deep restful sleep, ease up the stress and build up the mental alertness you need for work, give you emotional resilience when everyone demands your attention in the evenings, as well as the physical stamina you deserve so that you can keep up with feeling alive!

Take a look now!


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